Solar Project

Every day in Africa –
•    Parents struggle to find school fees to send their children to school.
•    Children struggle in school because their homes have no light for doing homework.
•    Many people, especially children, suffer respiratory illnesses and eye problems from the toxic fumes produced by inadequate, open-flame, tin-can-like kerosene lamps.
•    Families struggle to find the few cents a day that it takes to fuel their kerosene lamps.
•    Flames from kerosene lamps cause many house fires, injuries, and deaths.

What if . . . you could make a difference?

What if . . . a small investment could change all this, one family at a time?

For just $10, you can purchase a solar lamp, guaranteed for two years, which would provide safe, non-toxic, adequate light for a family.  No more kerosene lamp burns, no fires, no toxic fumes! With the approximately 20 cents per day, or $6.00 per month, that a family would save on kerosene fuel in a year, they could afford to pay school fees for one child at a village primary school.  Children would be healthier, miss less school, and have light to study at night! (School days are long, and by the time the children wash their school uniform for the next day and help with essential chores, like carrying water or gathering firewood, it is too dark to read inside their small dimly lit homes.)
We have made a deal with a local distributor to purchase SunKing Eco Lamps in bulk at a discounted price of about $10.  We will then be able to give them to families that struggle at the very bottom of the poverty level, or to sell them at cost to families who can’t afford $10 all at once, but who can pay for them with a payment plan of about $1 per week from the money they save on kerosene.
The best part?  It’s a great chance to bring blessing in the name of Jesus to the people in the village.  With every light given or sold, we have the chance to share about Jesus, the Light of the World!

Will you be part of making a difference – today, and maybe for eternity?

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“I decided I wanted to make sure my family is safe from the hazards of kerosene use. The mosquito net caught fire once and I got burnt, and the smoke the kerosene lamp produces makes our eyes painful. The children are safer using the solar light. They use it in turns to do their reading. We are able to stay up longer and we use it for security at night. I am able to keep the light on throughout the night and I have been able to send away rats. I am renovating the house from the savings.”
Paul Kasambula, Uganda